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Tim Thomann - President

Since my first experiences in conducting business with China from the mid 90’s, there have been unprecedented changes. Many years of double digit growth, massive building projects, high speed trains and greatly improved standard of living has launched China into the second largest economy in the world (nominal GDP). Growth is predicted to continue at a rate of approximately 6% over the next few years and many believe China will overtake the U.S. economy within the next 15-20 years. With this level of growth there has also been many challenges with the ability to obtain meaningful and relevant information on Chinese companies for the non-Mandarin speaking world. Many organizations have told us that there has to be a better way to bridge the language and information barrier between China and the rest of the world.

With this need for a better way, there also is a great opportunity.

At China Search Incorporated we took on this challenge and sought out the best in class information providers and utilizing the latest technologies developed a user-friendly platform that provides information companies are looking for to manage their market intelligence and risk management in a cost-effective manner.

Our website cnBIZsearch provides just that. Our clients have the ability to search our website in English or Mandarin with more than 75,000,000 active Chinese companies, covering 100% of the Chinese manufacturers, importers exporters, public companies, financial institutions and service providers. In addition, industry specific information, import and export information by HS commodity code and additional O2C solutions are available from our website and partner companies, providing our clients a one-stop solution.

We at China Search Incorporated are very excited about our new website and the information we will be able to provide our clients. Our goal is to continue to provide high quality, relevant commercial information to “Build the Bridge between China and the World”.

Tim Thomann - President
Our Purpose

cnBIZsearch’s mission is to provide timely, accurate and useful information on Chinese companies to promote healthy global trade.

About cnBIZsearch

cnBIZsearch is an online business platform that provides our users access to valuable commercial information and business intelligence on Chinese companies and industries to assist our clients in conducting business between China and the rest of the world.

cnBIZsearch also offers a full range of business related services around Order to Cash (O2C) to assist users make informed decisions, promote the transparent flow of information, protect trade credit, and minimize risks.

Products & Solutions
  • Company Search
  • Credit Information
  • Credit Rating
  • Monitoring
We provide an instant search in English or Mandarin of 75,000,000+ active Chinese companies, covering 100% of the Chinese manufacturers, importers exporters, public companies, financial institutions and service companies. Providing fresh, relevant and exclusive information on your customers and prospects.
We provide various levels of credit reports to help validate the company's identification, legal status, verify the company's operational status and performance and determine the company's credit worthiness. Our state of the art technology and reliable data sources guarantee the most reliable information available to the market. Our report quality meets or exceeds international standards.
3ARating offers a solvency index (SI) and possibility of default (PD) score to evaluate a company’s liquidity and effectively support your credit decisions.
We can proactively monitor your business partners, follow their performance and inform you of any relevant operational or financial changes.
  • Business Verification
  • Data Service
  • Industry Analysis
  • Value Added Services
3AVerify service is a professional and cost-effective way to check your counterparty in China. 3ACredit’s local agents will become your personal business drone, or ground troops. We can verify any Chinese company to validate their background, credit score, qualifications, performance, capability, capacity, production and compliance. Per your actual requirements we are able to verify through recorded interviews, pictures, videos, imaging files, etc. Whatever you need to verify we can deliver our report to you with the information we have collected. 3AVerify services cover all of the major cities in China.
Make your own marketing plan, obtain prospective clients or update your customer list with the latest perfor-mance or credit information.
Provides market statistics and analysis for specific industries to help you assess market developments in China.
We provide a variety of O2C management services to promote healthy trade and improve management efficiency.
Our Partner
  • 3acredit
  • rating
  • az
  • partner-BLS
We have developed a strategic alliance with 3ACredit. 3Acredit is a leading provider of credit and risk manage-ment support services and commercial information services in China. 3ACredit is the first and the only publicly listed credit information company in China. 3ACredit offers a full range of commercial services designed to promote a robust top and bottom line performance. Our efforts begin with a substantive review of management and the company’s development process, with the initial focus on the critical areas of risk management in the form of trade performance and customer development, both internal and external to China. Additionally, 3ACredit provides consulting and development assistance for international importers and exporters seeking to efficiently and economically manage their trade risk, through the company’s extensive network and resources in China.
BQ Credit Rating Co is a subsidiary of 3ACredit Group. It focuses on the Chinese market providing credit ratings, research, tools and analysis that contribute to a transparent integration for China into the financial markets. 3ARating focuses on measuring and monitoring Chinese companies’ short-term liquidity and possibility of default (PD), which is an essential tool for managing credit risk while doing business in China.
Established in 2010, Anzen provides a full range of verification services as well as B2B and B2C collection services in China. Their services include receivable auditing, all collection remedies allowed by law including pre-judgment remedies, litigation to bring legal action in Chinese courts, collecting delinquent debts, bad debts and overdue accounts receivable, post-judgment collections, domestication of foreign judgments obtained in another country, etc. Anzen is equipped with a 110-seat operational center in Kunshan and Jiangsu Province, which is fully supported by our fully licensed law firm in Shanghai, China. Anzen’s services cover most economic cities in China.
BLS is a licensed law firm in China specialized in providing professional legal services to companies. Services BLS Law Firm offers include the followings:
- Litigation to bring legal action in Chinese courts in all provinces in China to collect delinquent debts, bad debts and overdue accounts receivable.
- Pre-judgment remedies and pre-judgment collections are procedures we use to obtain cash or collateral before a judgment is obtained.
- Post-judgment collections and discovery keep the collections process active and allows us to continue the pursuit of the debtor’s assets long after a judgment has been rendered.
- All conceivable collection remedy allowed by law.
- Domestication of foreign judgments obtained in another country, we will enter the judgment in a Chinese court and immediately begin taking action to collect on the judgment.

BLS Law Firm has a team of licensed Chinese lawyers who cover almost all major economic related fields. BLS also has a 40 seats operation center located in downtown Shanghai.
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