Report Types
We have four types of reports which includes e-Premium report, e-Report, e-Compact report, and e-Check report.
No matter if you need to make a quick decision to ship to a SME client or make a major credit decision, we can support you with one of our reports. Our goal is to become a customer-friendly, economically efficient resource in your credit management toolbox.
Quality is our #1 priority. In every stage of our work flow, at every level of our business partnership, we do our best to guaranty customer satisfaction.

Report Contents
The content of company reports generally provides the fundamental details of the subject company including:
  • Legal company name, tax ID and classification details
  • Confirmed address
  • Company principals, shareholders, and related companies
  • Comparative performance details as reported by suppliers
  • Financial and market position
  • Financial details
  • Recent events of importance for risk assessment
  • Solvency Index
  • Summary of key points or recommendation

Report Quality
A passion for perfection--everyone in our team does the ultimate to surpass your expectations.

Legal Information
  • Registered Name (EN)
  • Registered Name (CN)
  • Legal Form
  • Business Founded
  • Incorporation Date
  • Status
  • Registration No
  • Expiration Date
  • Registered Address
  • Registry
  • Business Scope
  • Shareholders
  • Chief Executive
  • Background
  • Registration Change
  • Media Record
Management Description
  • Name and Position
  • Age
  • ID#
  • Education
  • Responsibility
  • Experience
Related Companies
  • Parent Company
  • Subsidiaries
  • Branch Offices
  • Other Related Companies
Report Contents
  • Current Operations
  • Main Business
  • Territory
  • Terms
  • Certification
  • Employees
  • Facility and Location
Payment History
  • Payment mode
  • Delinquent payment
  • Debt collection
Bank Information
  • Bank Name
  • Banker comments
Trade References
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
Public Record
  • Public Record Search
  • Civil litigation
  • Bankruptcy
Summary of key points or recommendation
  • Credit Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Credit Opinion
Financial Figures
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss account
  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Industry Average
Financial Ratio
  • Profitability ratios
  • Operational ratios
  • Structure ratios
  • Per employee ratios
  • Growth ratios
Your advantages at a glance
  • Reliable information to help you make credit decision.
  • Detailed information on solvency, finance and business performance of Chinese companies.
  • Identification of development trends and potential on the basis of current and historical financial statements (normally multiple years).
  • Access of extensive company database that is continually updated.
  • Access to an extensive network of global partners allows us to deliver a standardized, uniformly structured report.
  • Highest standards of report quality and freshness supported by standardized assessment processes and extensive research.
Our Scores---Solvency Index
Transparent, scientific, and systematic decision making. We provide credit management tools and value added services to our clients.
  • The key component of our commercial credit reports
  • The complex principle of solvency estimation
  • Illustrative and handy tool for quick solvency and creditworthiness assessment
  • Calculated on the basis of a large number of qualitative and quantitative factors.

Our expertise in solvency ratings and company assessments makes us the right partner for complex and demanding processes.