About Us

CnBIZsearch is an online business platform, which commits to help overseas customers to understand and get to know more information of Chinese companies. Here, you can check what do you want and know more about Chinese companies such as registration information, main business information, subject company's credit report, the verification of the subject company, moreover, you can monitor the subject company as well as track your order's progress. Besides, we provide the following services:

Company Search
We provide instant search of 75,000,000+ active Chinese companies, cover 100% Chinese manufacturing and servicing companies, and all large companies and SME's. We provide fresh, relevant and exclusive information on your customers and prospects.

Credit Reports
We provide three different types of reports on each subject company. Our credit reports have reliability as our company registration records and financial data information are obtained only from Chinese government sources, which are considered to be the most reliable. Our report quality meets the international standards.

Business Verification
CSI Search effectively and efficiently provides products designed to obtain the business information needed to verify Chinese trading partners while protecting your trade credit.

We could proactively monitor your business partners, follow their performance and inform you of any changes.

Value Added Customer Service
We provide various O2C management services which could promote healthy trade and improve management efficiency.